Personalise while impacting many Customers

Segmentation is an analytic that boosts strategy and results while allowing you to personalise your interaction with customers
AnniQ gives you 6 types of segmentation in one click
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Focus your interaction with your customers with AnniQ segmentation analytics

How many segmentation criteria do you currently use?

All customers are different, but there are characteristics that group them together, hence the opportunity for strategy
  • Identify the Customers and the metrics that group them into each segment
  • Navigate the segmentation analytics to design better strategies and actions
  • Access 6 types of segmentation in one click, recency, frequency, monetisation, average ticket, the likelihood of next purchase and risk of abandonment


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How deeply do you go into understanding each segment?

Personalising and connecting with customers is achieved by understanding their behaviour in detail
  • Know each segment's metrics in detail
  • Identify the segment's distribution and behaviour over time
  • Personalise the communication and customer experience by understanding the segments


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Do you know the 7-quadrant technique to mobilise segments?

With AnniQ you can identify the segment movements that will help you grow
  • Identify the segments with the greatest potential for value and growth
  • Design routes and actions to mobilise the segments
  • Discover where to focus your efforts to achieve the best results


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The big players in the market are already using analytics and artificial intelligence.

Don't get left behind and start today with AnniQ.

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