What would you do better today if you knew what was going to happen tomorrow?

The challenge is not to predict the future, it is to improve the results that can be achieved
AnniQ helps you anticipate the next 3 months and mitigate uncertainty
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Anticipate the market and mitigate uncertainty with AnniQ

Do you know the sales effort to meet or exceed the target?

AnniQ challenges your company to grow every month, not to settle
  • Use the analysis of your operation's limits and performance to anticipate market opportunities or challenges
  • Project the next three months of operation including the impact of the 3 dominant market variables
  • Visualise the past and future of your operation in a single view and identify what you can replicate and do better


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Is your business profit growing at the same rate as your sales?

Selling is important, but growth is achieved in efficiency not just in increased sales
  • Identify the relationship of sales, costs, expenses and customers served in each month of operation
  • Have better control of the costs and expenses of the operation to build profitability
  • Identify the most efficient periods and replicate the good to continue to grow


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Are you clear on the three baseline scenarios for your operation?

Critical decisions are made from planning and preparation, not spur of the moment improvisation
  • Power your strategy from an understanding of normal, optimistic and pessimistic operating scenarios
  • Identify the symptoms of each scenario in advance and act proactively
  • Improve your negotiations and cash flow by understanding possible future scenarios


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The big players in the market are already using analytics and artificial intelligence.

Don't get left behind and start today with AnniQ.

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