Sales lead to growth, good finances lead to profitability

Strengthening the strategy from a financial point of view allows you to challenge your business to exponential growth
AnniQ gives you 11 financial metrics in one click
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Exponential business is achieved from good finance

What are your favourite and most used financial metric?

AnniQ gives you 11 financial metrics and their warning and control limits
  • Focus your strategy and mindset on growing and achieving exponential growth, the goal is to generate profitability not just increase sales
  • Use the warning and control level analysis to identify opportunities and challenges for your business
  • Instantly access financial information to enhance the planning and execution of your business


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Are you clear about your company's financial capacity?

Many good initiatives stagnate due to lack of resources
  • Monitor and control your company's margins and ability to generate profits
  • Identify boom periods and replicate to strengthen growth
  • Deepen your business financials from trend analysis


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How many months of operation would you have today if you stopped selling?

Financial planning is the gateway to the sustainability of your business
  • Project future resource needs and the capacity to meet them today
  • Understand and enhance your company's financial cycles from a strategic point of view
  • Strengthen your company's financial capacity through data-driven partnerships and integration


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The big players in the market are already using analytics and artificial intelligence.

Don't get left behind and start today with AnniQ.

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