Listening to your customers is also possible through data

The key to strengthening the relationship with customers lies in understanding and anticipating their needs and behaviour
AnniQ helps you to listen to your Customers with Analytics
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Customer Analytics in just one click

Do you know when your customers will buy again?

Recurring customers are an important basis for the sustainability of companies, AnniQ helps you to anticipate and increase them.
  • Visualise 5 future repurchase periods of your customers in a single view
  • Get detailed metrics on each recurring Customer
  • Design strategies to improve your company's recurrence and drive growth


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Did you know that 84% of customers are at risk every month?

A survey of more than 500 companies showed that their customers evaluate at least one alternative every month
  • Anticipate churn situations and activate the customer before the competition claims it
  • Know detailed metrics of Customer churn behaviour
  • Prevent churn rather than fight churn


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Do you have a customer relationship assessment?

Today it is not just about selling, business growth is in the mutual transfer of value
  • Deepen your customer behavioural metrics
  • Design better strategies and actions to increase the value of the relationship
  • Benchmark Customer performance against the Customer's portfolio


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The big players in the market are already using analytics and artificial intelligence.

Don't get left behind and start today with AnniQ.

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