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How well do you know your customer's behaviour?

Anticipating the customer's next purchase is better than the news that they left with the competition
  • Identify the customers who will buy in the next 3 to 12 months in a single analytic
  • Identify Customers at risk of churn and focus on preventing and winning them back
  • Get an in‑depth understanding of each Customer's metrics and performance


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Do you still treat all your customers the same way?

Impacting many customers while creating a personalised experience is the power of segmentation‑based strategies
  • Create strategies and actions to mobilise customers to segments of higher value and contribution
  • Know the structure and metrics of each segment to enhance the personalisation and customer experience
  • Focus efforts on improving the average purchase ticket, reducing churn and building loyalty


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Do you already have a clear picture and actions for the next three months?

Growth is the fusion of increasing sales, building profitability and achieving efficient business operations
  • Anticipate and plan the operation and sales effort for the next three months
  • Build an efficient operation by understanding the relationship between Customers, revenues and expenses
  • Integrates market behaviour to project sales and creates scenarios to anticipate the market


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Is your company financially prepared for the next 3 to 6 months?

Having a clear understanding of the company's financial capacity is vital to building real strategies that can be executed
  • Monitor eleven financial indicators in a single view to understand challenges and opportunities
  • Access a control chart for each financial metric and interpret its behaviour in a simple way
  • Work on financial planning with up‑to‑date and current information


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How much do you depend on and know the national and global market?

In times of recession and uncertainty, up‑to‑date market data is key to anticipating and making assertive decisions
  • Access to daily updated national and global market dashboards in different countries
  • Trend analysis of the most important economic and financial variables at a national and global level
  • Cross‑referencing national and global variables with your company's projections


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How creative and disruptive is your thinking to create new strategies?

Having timely analytics is part of the solution, but being able to use them and create differentiated and outstanding strategies is what drives new results
  • We challenge your company with uncomfortable questions to help you develop a new analytics‑based thinking model
  • Content and methodologies to help you create differentiated and outstanding strategies by leveraging AnniQ analytics
  • Focus on the digitisation of business models and exponential growth


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Boosting the performance of Your Team

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Empower your entire team with one-click analytics so they focus on thinking and executing, not processing data.

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Free up time for reporting and focus your day on Clients and exceeding goals.

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Personalise your Customer care and market attraction strategies and actions thanks to specialised analytics.

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Create a Customer-centric approach and personalise the customer journey and experience using analytics.

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Delivers timely information and metrics to the company to enhance planning and strategy design.

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Anticipates and efficiently executes operations based on demand and market trend analysis.

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