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AnniQ Customers is a comprehensive analytics tool that incorporates automation and predictive analytics to help companies better understand their customers. 

It predicts which customers will make a purchase in the next 3 to 12 months and identifies those at risk of churn, providing businesses with the data they need to avoid churn. 
  • AnniQ Customers also provides detailed metrics and performance data for each customer.


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AnniQ Segmentation harnesses the power of data to improve customer experience and personalise marketing strategies. 

  • With automated analytics and integrated business intelligence, AnniQ provides detailed and accurate information to define strategies tailored to the needs of each segment.

    Improve your marketing strategies with decisions based on predictive analytics and business intelligence.




RFM analytics,segmentation,next purchase,segmentation


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AnniQ Revenue uses predictive analytics and business intelligence to understand patterns in companies' accounting information. It optimises your processes and maximises your profits. 

  • Understanding costs, profit margins, revenue trends and projections is critical to making decisions based on reliable and accurate information, rather than assumptions or intuition.


Revenue, monetary income, forecast, efficiency
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AnniQ Financial allows the visualisation of financial indicators, control charts and interpretation of financial behaviour for investment decisions, as well as the use of debt for diversification.

  • With AnniQ Financial, you can track eleven financial indicators in a single view.


editda, liquidity, cash flow, leverage, gross margin, debt, operating margin
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Access daily national and international indicators provided by AnniQ Market, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities in real time. 

  • Take advantage of this information to make calculated purchases of supplies and raw materials at the most opportune times and at the most favourable prices. 


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Learn how to create disruptive strategies with AnniQ Academy. Transform your business model with the power of big data and KPI-based management.

  • Focus on strategic planning and learn from mistakes. Join today to get your business up and running.


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Boosting the performance of Your Team

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Empower your entire team with one-click analytics so they focus on thinking and executing, not processing data.

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Free up time for reporting and focus your day on Clients and exceeding goals.

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Personalise your Customer care and market attraction strategies and actions thanks to specialised analytics.

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Create a Customer-centric approach and personalise the customer journey and experience using analytics.

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Delivers timely information and metrics to the company to enhance planning and strategy design.

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Anticipates and efficiently executes operations based on demand and market trend analysis.

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Use AnniQ's predictive analytics to anticipate your guests' decisions and get to know their behaviour in depth.

  • Instead of relying on price as a differentiating factor, make your guests fall in love with you.
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Did you know that you can use your business data for an irresistible proposition to your customers?

AnniQ, know your market, customers, finances and environment to increase your sales. 
  • Invest in growing your business with AnniQ today!


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AnniQ projects how to optimise the supply chain by knowing sales fluctuations, allowing you to adjust purchases of supplies and raw materials to reduce costs and improve profitability. 

In addition, by increasing supply at strategic times, AnniQ identifies the customer segments to which you should encourage the next purchase, helping to increase sales.


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Is your company financially prepared for the next 3 to 6 months?

With ANNIQ, you get a complete view of your B2B business thanks to its business intelligence modules. 
  • The analysis of sales, customer, financial and customer satisfaction data will allow you to measure salesperson performance, identify the most profitable customers, evaluate financial profitability and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


b2b, operational efficiency, customer analytics, history, churn analysis, customer lifetime value, customer lifetime value, monetisation, customer distribution
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With AnnIQ, maximise your sales through the analysis of your historical data. 

Use valuable information to customise your products, optimise your processes and minimise risks, gain a competitive advantage in your industry!


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