AnniQ wants to empower SMEs to be Data-Driven

Our purpose is to democratize access to AI and analytics to take better and challenge companies to pursue exponential growth.
We want to empower the growth of 1 million SMEs globally by 2033
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You already have the data, AnniQ transforms it for you.


AI and analytics are not only for big business

AnniQ removes all barriers to entry

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Democratising access to AI and analytics in SMEs in one click
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Empowering SMEs' strategy and execution to be data-driven businesses
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Challenge our Clients' business models to be digital and exponential
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The secret formula is our Team

Merging and integrating knowledge and generations is key


Integration of a holistic view, from business models to business science.
Diversity of all kinds to build technology that empowers other people
Our super power - the speed to unlearn, learn and relearn



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Support to Ukraine

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Every subscription or mentoring will donate 1% for food and medicine in Ukraine.
For every 10 new subscriptions we will host a Ukrainian company and help it grow.

For every 10 renewed subscriptions we'll support Ukrainian children to learn data science.

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The planet is the only home we all have
Let's join forces to take care of our planet


For each new or renewed subscription or mentoring we will plant a tree.
With AnniQ not only your company grows, but also the planet's forests.
Empower the future of your company and the next generations by taking care of our plane.





Quantum Computing

AnniQ has its eyes on the future, but actions today

Spin Quantum Tech, a spin-off to transcend
* Better AI algorithms without limits
* Data encryption without vulnerabilities
* Solution to problems impossible until today



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